User Management & SecurityPrime CC uses multiple layers of encryption with the most advanced security technologies, greater than most financial and medical institutions.  So you can rest assured your information, and that of your students, customers, and vendors is safe and secured.  Additionally, your data is securely and automatically backed up in real-time ensuring you never lose critical information. Combine real-time backup and the ability to access your PCC on any device and you eliminate downtime almost completely.

With Prime Child Care you can have unlimited users with full management capabilities.  You can easily create and edit users as well as send and resend invite for users to register or update passwords.  Prime Child Care also provides your users the ability to manage their own profile, streamlining common task such as password resets.  Further, you can assign detailed custom access levels to each user allowing you to give each user a custom environment with just the tools and information their role requires.

  pci checkbox small Unlimited Users 
  pci checkbox small Streamlined User Management 
  pci checkbox small Detailed Custom Access Levels 
  pci checkbox small Customizable User Environments 


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