EmployeesPrime Child Care makes it easy to manage your operations and employees with powerful user management and intuitive reporting and features.  Your staff and customers will appreciate professional tools for handling their day-to-day tasks and thereby improving staff and customer retention rates.  Administrators will love how streamlined the most labor-intensive parts of their jobs have become.  Schedule a live demonstration with one of our Solutions Consultants and learn how we can make the complex simple for your organization.

  pci checkbox small Powerful & customizable reports 
  pci checkbox small Deploy and Manage Online Enrollment & Admissions 
  pci checkbox small Deploy and manage online registrations permission slips and waivers including electronic signatures 
  pci checkbox small Easily manage and publish the school calendar, newsletters, announcements, curriculum, and menus 
  pci checkbox small USDA/CACFP Compliant Meal Program Tracking & Reporting  
  pci checkbox small Unlimited users and full control over user detailed permissions regarding access and functionality 
  pci checkbox small Effective communications across devices and technologies through web, email and more 
  pci checkbox small Compliance & Accountability – Easy Clock in and clock out with PIN or biometrics 
  pci checkbox small Human Resource Management including payroll, PTO, scheduling, employee information and employee certification tracking