Online Child Care Admissions and EnrollmentFew things are more time consuming, and paper intensive, than the enrollment and admissions process.  Prime Child Care provides all of the tools you need to take this whole process and go paperless!  Your organization will not only save a significant amount of money on paper and ink but a tremendous amount of time and stress.  Small businesses can often reduce administrative costs by 20% or more and the reduction in lost information and human error is incalculable.  Speak to one of our solution consultants to learn more about how we have helped many organizations go paperless with their enrollment and admissions.

  pci checkbox small Create customizable online enrollment and registration forms, and deploy them on your website, social media and via email blast 
  pci checkbox small Create and manage permission slips, photo waivers and any other form your organization requires 
  pci checkbox small Electronic signatures are compliant and make it easy for parents/sponsors to provide you with the approvals you need 
  pci checkbox small Share form templates across the organization to eliminate duplicated effort 
  pci checkbox small Great tools for using existing data/spreadsheets to broadcast enrollment or other online forms to your customers 


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