Child Care Billing & AccountingPrime Child Care makes complicated billing processes easier with intuitive tools and powerful back-office automation.  Our Solution Consultants will guide you in setting up effectively so that most of your accounting functions are automated and easily managed.  Prime Child Care fits the accounting needs of organizations across the spectrum from simple to advanced accounting.

  pci checkbox small Full accounting suite including industry standard ledger entries 
  pci checkbox small Vendor Management & Accounts Payable 
  pci checkbox small Advanced payment application functionalities 
  pci checkbox small Easily manage tuition, fees, payments, 3rd party payments, invoices and more 
  pci checkbox small USDA/CACFP Compliant Meal Program Tracking & Reporting  
  pci checkbox small Deploy and manage online billing and payment 
  pci checkbox small Check-in billing and payment 
  pci checkbox small Special Accountant Access 
  pci checkbox small 3rd Party Integrations (ex. QuickBooks OnlineTM)


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