Improve Parent Engagement with Your Center's Own Parent Portal & Mobile App

Make parent communications, billing, and everything so much easier on everyone!

You need to have wonderful relationships with parents.

Our software automates many of the daily activities that your relationships depend on, and provides all the communication tools you need so all you have to add is your personal touch.

  • Online Parent Portal
  • Custom-Branded Mobile App
  • Push Notifications
  • SMS/Text Messaging
  • Mass & Single Emails

How Does Prime Enable Strong Parent Engagement?


Prime’s parent engagement tools help you build easy, loyalty-building communications with parents, including announcements, calendar, invoices, and reports.

Parent Portal makes life easier in so many ways

Easier for you and for parents to collaborate and communicate, with things like:

  • Easy online billing & payments for parents/sponsors
  • Check in and check out with PIN or fingerprint
  • Online enrollment and permissions slips including e-signature
  • Student and parent/sponsor information management
  • Spending and attendance reports
  • Access to newsletters and announcements
  • School calendar & directory
  • Compliant claims process for your state

With the parent portal, you’ll be able to prime your business for success with features like online invoices and bill payment to assure a steady cashflow so you can manage your center without worries about cash crunches.

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"Prime Child Care absolutely does exactly what it says it does. Everything is a simple, easy point and click. It will streamline your back office and handles all aspects of a child care facility."
Gregory Ferrara
CEO, Young Kidz Academy
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