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How to Easily Build Your Daycare’s Budget

Running a daycare center is not an easy task with so much to take care of beyond taking care of children. At the top of your list is likely budgeting and how to keep track of the constant expenses and fees you payout. … Read More

9 Festive Classroom Ideas for December

Interactive learning provides children with the space they need to bond, socialize, and grow. It can also foster interest in education because it engages and piques their interest and curiosity. Below are nine fun ideas to infuse some fun activities into your classroom this December. … Read More

Saving Childcare in America During COVID-19

As the U.S. continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, child care has become one of the hardest hit but least supported industries. Parents have long struggled to find child care services that they can afford and meets their needs. Child care businesses have also struggled to provide quality and developmentally appropriate care with limited resources available to them. … Read More

Complete Checklist For Infant Care Professionals

Research shows that despite the facilities or number of staff that a daycare center has, the true indicator of the quality of a childcare program directly relates to the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of the adult professionals who work there. Check out our complete checklist of the different aspects of infant care, needs, and changes that daycare staff should consider. … Read More

8 Falltastic Classroom Ideas for October

While October means summer is officially over, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Here are some wonderful falltastic classroom ideas for October that will keep your charges excited about coming to daycare. … Read More

6 Easy-to-Implement Montessori Math Ideas

Children thrive in an environment where they are active participants in their learning. If you run a daycare, it is important to help children acquire numerical skills through the Montessori system. While creating a similar classroom may not be scalable due to budget constraints, there are numerous ideas you can adopt to create a Montessori learning environment in your facility. … Read More

5 Ways to Incorporate Technology into Your Daycare’s Emergency Plan

It’s essential to have an emergency plan in place for any variety of emergencies that could crop up during an average day at your childcare center. The use of technology can provide instant communication during moments of crisis and eliminate extra tasks that could take attention away from children when they need it most. … Read More

5 Tips and Tricks for Getting Children On Board With New Hygiene Requirements

Covid-19 has changed the way most businesses practice. If you run a childcare facility, you know this firsthand. As parents begin to head back to work and schools begin to implement reopening plans, you find yourself needing to balance getting things “back to normal” with hygiene and sanitation practices that keep children, parents, and staff members safe. … Read More

5 Fabulous Classroom Ideas for August

With a little help from the authors of 365 Days of Classroom Fun, we’ve brainstormed some happy-spirited activities for students this summer. We’ve already covered June and July (tip: bookmark these for next year). So, grab a few vinyl records, a book, and some pet pics. Let’s create some magical moments. … Read More

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