5 Ways to Incorporate Technology into Your Daycare’s Emergency Plan

It’s essential to have an emergency plan in place for any variety of emergencies that could crop up during an average day at your childcare center. Still, it’s not always easy to execute all the necessary details in moments of chaos. When you have a working emergency plan in place, investigating the individual parts of your plan can help you streamline the process so everything will go smoothly in the event of an actual emergency. The use of technology can provide instant communication during moments of crisis and eliminate extra tasks that could take attention away from children when they need it most.

Your daycare emergency plan should outline steps for medical emergencies, shelter-in-place situations, evacuation procedures, and how to reunite children with parents during an emergency. This means your emergency plan contains a variety of important information about each child that workers must be able to access within seconds during any type of emergency. Local emergency contacts must also be readily available, and parents need to be kept in the loop during every step of the process. Having certain technologies in place can ensure you always have the information you need right at your fingertips. Try these customizable tips to streamline your emergency plan with the use of technology.

1. Use an Attendance Tracking Tool 

Accountability for each child’s location is essential during everyday activities and more vital than ever during an emergency. Still, when a normal day erupts into chaos, it can be difficult to remember the moment a child was reunited with a parent or was absent for the day. Check-In and Attendance Tracking that works on any mobile device provides every employee with instant access to the whereabouts of each child.

Prime Childcare Software provides a variety of childcare centers with a Check-in and Attendance tool that gives every worker access to a live headcount display at any time of day. The tool works through a convenient mobile app that works on any device. Incorporating this tool into your emergency plan provides:

  • Check-in/out on virtually any device
  • Real time, accurate attendance reporting
  • The ability to use a device camera to capture student, parent, and staff photos
  • Employee clock-in and alerts

2. Use Technology to Streamline Communication with Parents

There’s no doubt that parents deserve up-to-the-minute information about their children during an emergency. Still, providing that information to each parent during a chaotic time can be difficult. Instead of relying on workers to call each parent individually, send out mass notifications that keep every parent informed with one simple message.

The use of technology is a great tool to keep parents engaged with your daycare on a routine basis. In the event of an emergency, this connection becomes more important than ever. Using technology to connect with parents can provide workers with the ability to: 

  • Send push notifications to all parents at once
  • Send mass or single emails
  • Send group or individual text updates to parents

3. Store Changing Information

Busy parents often need a variety of solutions when changing circumstances interrupts a conventional workday. While technology makes it easier to get in contact with parents almost any time of day, some professions make it impossible for parents to have smartphones during work hours. This is why it’s often necessary for parents to include alternate caregiver information for non-typical situations like inclement weather.

While this information might be easily accessible in a file cabinet or office most of the time, in the event you’re forced to evacuate, you may not  have the information you need. A customizable childcare app will allow you to store special notes and alternate schedule plans for each child upon enrollment. During an emergency, this information becomes instantly accessible from whatever device you have access to during an unexpected event.

4. Make Medical Records Easily Accessible from Any Device

Medications, dietary restrictions, allergy information, and immunizations are all part of keeping every child at your daycare healthy. It’s easy to access this information during a normal day but can be difficult if your files are in the daycare facility and you’ve already been forced to evacuate. 

A customizable child care center app can allow any worker to access each child’s necessary medical information and restrictions from any device even when no one is present at the daycare facility. With each student’s information located in one convenient space, you can take care of medical needs, provide meals during difficult circumstances, and avoid compounding emergencies during an unexpected situation.

5. Provide Instant Access to Emergency Contacts

Dialing an emergency number seems simple when you have a list clearly posted on the wall. However, when you have an emergency situation with children crying, only seconds to spare, and can’t remember exactly where your glasses are; dialing that number is significantly more difficult. Reaching the local emergency contact you need, wherever you are, with one touch to the screen of any mobile device can save you precious seconds during an emergency.

When you use a customizable childcare center app, it’s easy to include local emergency numbers that can be accessed by all workers. Instead of relying on a paper copy in one spot, every employee can have the necessary emergency information right at their fingertips during any moment of the day. Emergencies are unexpected, and they happen everywhere. Having the information you need right away is essential when you have a variety of vitally important responsibilities. Preparing for a routine day at any daycare center requires a wealth of planning and the ability to adapt to any situation that arises. When an emergency occurs, you must be able to react with confidence while maintaining the safety of the children in your care and your employees. To learn more about the benefits of customizable software during both routine days and emergencies, contact the experts at Prime Childcare Software, today. Our software solutions allow you to spend your time building relationships with children and parents instead of slogging through administrative tasks and paperwork.

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