Manage Students & Classes with Online Convenience

Prime’s Classroom & Curriculum Management module puts you in surehanded control of your classrooms and curriculum.

Go from classroom chaos to classroom control.

You’ll be able to improve student classroom conduct and end curriculum chaos with anytime information and communication.

Prime Childcare enables you to manage all aspects of tuition and fees with wonderful ease, not workarounds.

You and your staff will be able to manage classrooms anytime, with any device.

How Can You Use It?

  • Manage class rosters, tuition, curriculum, and fees
  • Manage the student’s medical information, immunization records, allergies, and dietary restrictions
  • Keep parents/sponsors informed with daily reports, achievements, incident reports, photos, and more
  • Manage student/teacher ratios easily track class capacity
  • Manage rooms and class room assignments
  •  Easily manage one-off fees and tuition overrides for special cases without tricks or workarounds

Our Promise

We’ll tell you if we can solve your management challenges and we’ll always be there for you with responsive support.

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"Prime Child Care absolutely does exactly what it says it does. Everything is a simple, easy point and click. It will streamline your back office and handles all aspects of a child care facility."
Gregory Ferrara
CEO, Young Kidz Academy
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